Canadian Association of Debt Assistance (CADA)

CADA Member

The Canadian Association of Debt Assistance is an organization of committed members focused on providing the Canadian public with factual and truthful information regarding debt negotiation services. This organization believes that consumers should have the right to seek a variety of debt relief options in order to achieve their goal of financial independence from their creditors; of which debt negotiation may be a viable option for many consumers. Each member of the Canadian Association of Debt Assistance has pledged to provide consumers with written disclosures which outline the positives and negatives regarding enrollment into a debt negotiation program that can be easily read and understood. Each member has additionally pledged to collect fees only when work has been performed on behalf of the client. Its members hold all required registration, licensing and bonding in all the provinces to which they service. Its members can provide factual settlements showing consumers saving thousands in principal and interest on their debt and that creditors do indeed settle during times when consumers are experiencing financial hardship. This organization is committed to working with the various Consumer Protection Ministries throughout Canada to help better educate the Ministries on the process and benefit debt negotiation serves to consumers.

Companies whom hold and display this seal on their website have agreed to operate their business according to this Code of Ethics & Conduct.